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Blogging for Books- God Gave Us so Much

Posted by Heather at Saturday, December 18, 2010
“God Gave Us so Much” is a collection of three books, “God Gave Us the World”, “God Gave Us Love,” “God Gave Us Heaven,” following the inquisitive mind of Little Cub and her many questions about differences, different types of love and everlasting life.

This playfully illustrated book delights children and adults alike with the side antics of Little Cub’s younger twin siblings, frolicking otters and dancing penguins. Little Cub and her family are illustrated in such a way that even an active baby will stay still long enough to laugh and point at the pictures. Images flow together seamlessly throughout the books and add to the feeling of cohesion throughout the three tome collection.

From Mama in “God Gave Us the World,” Little Cub learns that the God created the world like a “mirror of (God’s) work,” It is diverse- black bears, panda bears and sloth bears- and that we need to take care of it.

From Grandpa in “God Gave Us Love,” Little Cub learns that there are different types of love- “kissy and huggy stuff” between Mamas and Papas- and “love between friends and family. And his love, too.”

From Papa in “God Gave Us Heaven,” Little Cub learns that “heaven is God’s home… the most amazing place we’ll ever get to see.” This book briefly mentions death in a non-threatening manner when Papa answers Little Cub’s questions on death by replying, “I hope you get to live a long and full life before you see heaven. But some of us get to see it sooner than others.”

Little Cub’s LONG list of questions do tend to get wordy and repetitive causing little ones to lose interest. Also, the book does take a more universal religious slant when Papa states in “God Gave us Heaven,” “I think we’ll see all our loved ones there (in heaven)…” without any mention of sin, the fall of man or the harsh reality that not every person does go to heaven.

This collection of books is a great way to introduce children to complicated, biblical concepts in a fun, simplified manner. By no means is this book meant to explain away every detail of the Bible- most adults wrestle with that! However, it is a great jumping off point to start a biblical dialog with children and the cheerfully sweet illustrations alone are enough to add this book to your child’s personal library.

"I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review"


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