Thursday, November 11, 2010

38th Week Birthday

Posted by Heather at Thursday, November 11, 2010
38 Weeks, November 10, 2010

Conte's Cider and donuts from Nana and Grandpa!

Katy eating with a spoon

Today you are 38 weeks old, Katy!

You continue to grow and develop, this week. Your personality is evident more and more each day as you exert your independence and push the limits as you explore and figure out how the world around you works. For example, Tuesday, you figured out that if you step on the kitchen trashcan, the lid opens and you are just tall enough to reach inside and pull things out.

You finally figured out how to feed yourself small bits of food off of your high chair tray (i.e. puffs, Cheerios, small bits of cheese, etc.). You've become so adept at doing so that you don't like for us to feed you with a spoon. Though you'll gladly take the spoon and try to "feed" yourself like a big girl.

You are waving like a madwoman, now. Wherever we go- shopping, grocery store, out for a walk- you love to wave to people and pets passing by. If they don't respond, you "talk" louder to get their attention. Of course, everybody thinks that you are pretty cute so you usually elicit a smile and wave back.

Katy, you are beginning to show preferences for toys and books. Currently, you seem to like the book, Peek A Who. You like to stand at your Katy shelf and pull it out to read, each day. Also, you seem to favor the small Curious George stuffed animal up in the Art Room. And of course, unraveling the toilet paper roll seems to be a favorite hobby of yours.

We are starting to get ready or our big road trip to Thanksgiving PA/NJ. There is a lot of gear to pack and a lot of stops to make before our final destination at Nana and Grandpa Jones' house for Turkey Day.


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