Monday, May 31, 2010

Rice, Rice Baby

Posted by Heather at Monday, May 31, 2010
"Mommy, what are you feeding me?! Can I hold the spoon myself?"
"Hmm.... maybe if I smile big enough Mommy will stop feeding me this gruel...?"

After a night of waking up every hour to feed you, our little Hungry Girl, Daddy and I decided to try feeding you rice cereal (I know, I know.... I said I'd like to wait to start feeding you food but you are just so hungry!). The baby book lists the following as signs that baby is ready to start solids;
-Baby has doubled weight (check- and then some!).
-Baby can sit with support (check).
-Baby shows interest when you are eating (check- One day you tracked Daddy's spoon from bowl to mouth and then back to the bowl when he was eating lunch).
-Baby smacks lips and leans in toward food (check).
-Baby controls neck (check).
-Baby lets you know when she is full (check- You usually purse your lips and turn your head away when full).
-Baby seems hungry (CHECK!)
So, we set up the cameras, mixed up the organic brown rice cereal (can we say, first time parents?!) and gave it a whirl, tonight. At first you just kind of smacked your lips and scrunched up your nose. Then, you ate/drooled a couple of spoonfuls of gruely, ricey mess. I wouldn't say it's your favorite, yet, but it was a solid start!


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